Group workshops

I offer public workshops, in-company workshops tailored to the needs of your company, as well as ‘learn at lunch’ sessions, shorter workshops focusing on one learning objective.

I only work with small groups so participants receive professional facilitation with a personal touch.

Company benefits?
  • Appeal to a wider pool of talent by recognising the importance of supporting the people they want to bring with them.
  • Eliminate the key concern for expats, whether their partner and family will settle. Allow your talent to focus their attention on the job you are paying them to do.
  • Realise the return on your investment by maximising the chance of a potential successful international assignment.
Examples of Workshops:
  •  Relocating: Integrating & Adjusting
  •  Boosting your sense of self as an Expat Partner
  •  Continuing Your Career as an Expat Partner
  •  Returning home; Moving on – making the experience count
Public workshop Programme:

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