Inspiring, connecting and supporting expat partners to make the most of their overseas experience

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

Looking for someone who can support you to overcome the challenges of moving, help you thrive as an expat AND make the most of your experience on return?

You’re in the right place

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How can I support your company?

Are you finding your best talent is reluctant to go overseas? Do they move overseas, but return early?

Have you ever thought that this might be because of their partners?

I’m here to support the family that travels with your talent so all YOU need to focus on is your staff doing a good job!

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How can I support your company?

What my clients say

  • “A great session with someone who is a great listener and offers an abundance of support, knowledge and guidance to help the transition run that little bit smoother!”

    Expat, LOR
  • “Kathryn made me feel at ease immediately and was completely reassuring regarding some of the doubts or concerns I was having – and what was particularly good was that she was able to back this up by using examples either from her own experiences or others that she had worked with.”

    Helen Boardman
  • “I would highly recommend Kathryn to anybody who is relocating. It was great to listen to and talk to her. I felt that I could be really open and say what was on my mind. I had been doubting that I was making the right decision but after the session I gained peace with my decision and felt so much better.”

    Jane Gunnarsdóttir
  • “I really loved this workshop!  It made me confront some feelings that I wasn’t sure I should be having since returning from abroad. It laid out some great tools and strategies in order to plan and prepare for the emotional turmoil of not only leaving your new life, but returning to a changed version of your old life. My only criticism is that I wanted more!”

    Suzanne Bateman
  • “Being with people with whom I share what it is like to live abroad was very healing. Away from family and friends and the familiarity of the culture and known places, it is a relief not to feel alone. By participating [in workshops] I get stronger so I can take advantage of my situation and find my place as a foreigner here, and as someone that has been abroad, in my own country.”

    Sara Moreno
  • “The workshop was brilliant. It will help me greatly. You always think you’re going through this alone, but really there’s lots of others too. I gained some great techniques that I will use to help me with the moving process.”

    Kerrie Griffiths
  • “Felt a safe environment to share personal views and feelings. It allowed me to ‘hone in’ on thoughts I’d been having myself, plus drew my attention to things I hadn’t even considered.”

    Debra Griffiths
  • “Kathryn creates a professional, yet relaxed environment. She shares her knowledge of the area with confidence, but without being patronizing.”

    Lucy Wilkinson

Inspiring, supporting and connecting expat partners to make the most of their overseas experience